2020 Planners & notebooks with as much personality as you 🖤 See Why 👇

What Boss Babes Are Saying

"Everything is so cute and aesthetically pleasing. The monthly cover page designs are adorable and give the planner some fun personality instead of the basic straightforward planner with a few cute colors thrown into the mix. At first, the thought of spending anything more than $10 on a planner was a bit ridiculous. But tbh, it actually motivated me to commit to using my planner daily not just for school but also for work and life in general!"

Power Crystal Pens

"These pens are so amazing I have trouble getting people not to steal them! I absolutely love them. They are the perfect weight and they write very smooth. I actually am leaving a review as I order one more. Everyone that uses it begs to know where I got it from. You won't be disappointed in the pens."

A Planner You'll Use All Year

"Wasn’t looking for a planner but when I saw this, I HAD to have it & now it’s the best thing I've spent my money on"