Hey babe. We're Pellatini!

Pellatini is a premium stationery brand that focuses on high quality, art centric notebooks + planners, made to break the mold. Our products are uniquely designed for the modern millennial woman seeking elevated stationery and an aspirational lifestyle.

Offering more mature yet playful covers, we love infusing high street styles and designs bordering trends in fashion to create our one of a kind pieces. We were frustrated with the paper industry having no middle ground between childish prints and boring solids, and wanted to create something that embraces individuality and the influence of modern culture. Our one of a kind pieces also feel as good as they look by using only high quality materials and the finest binding and printing techniques! 

The story behind our logo...

Our logo is actually a stylized pilcrow! It is a symbol that is known as the paragraph mark, used to indicate a new paragraph in manuscripts and other writings. Although the mark is rarely used nowadays, its meaning is quite symbolic to Pellatini as it represents the start of a new chapter, journey or project you are creating with our stationery!